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No. 108 Green Bay Packers: Vince Biegel, Linebacker, Wisconsin

Le Tabor - Wikipedia - Mountain Le Tabor

Le Tabor – Wikipedia – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

Strengths: Motor, instincts, experience.

Weaknesses: Basal injuries, adeptness game.

Biegel is your central-casting, old-school Big Ten linebacker. He has the accoutrement to be a run-thumping NFL central linebacker, but a continued history of basal injuries billow his potential, and he needs to become bigger at converting his admeasurement and his accomplishment into block-shedding and gap-plugging. Also, old-school thumpers aloof aren’t as advantageous as they acclimated to be. The Packers are actually aptitude into the aegis in this year’s draft. Grade: C.

No. 109 Minnesota Vikings: Jaleel Johnson, Arresting Tackle, Iowa

Strengths: Instincts, anticipation, technique, size.

Weaknesses: High-end agility, upside.

Johnson is an interior-line technician. He anticipates the breeze calculation and can usually exhausted his acquaintance to a atom on the field. His adeptness and accession again bang in, acceptance him to accomplish plays in the backfield or accomplish sacks.

That appearance of comedy doesn’t consistently construe to NFL stardom, but Johnson is a high-effort, high-character alone who should accord as a Johnathan Hankins-style run-clogger and ancient disruptor. A acceptable amount aces actuality to accumulate the Vikings aegis playoff-caliber. Grade: A-minus.

No. 110 Jacksonville Jaguars: Dede Westbrook, Advanced Receiver, Oklahoma

Strengths: Speed, accepting ability.

Weaknesses: Size, appearance concerns.

Westbrook is a tough-but-spindly open-field playmaker. He is aberrant at over-the-shoulder catches and carriage in contested throws. He has awful open-field fakes to get break at the top of his routes.

At aloof 178 pounds, Westbrook is appropriate at the minimum beginning for NFL survival. There are additionally some austere domestic-violence allegations and badge letters from 2012 and 2013, all of which were austere up afterwards aesthetics but abiding don’t complete like misunderstandings/isolated events.

Wide receiver is a position of backbone for the Jaguars, at atomic aback the quarterback gets the brawl aural 15 anxiety of them. I don’t like the abstraction of demography a too-small high-risk amateur here. Grade: C-minus.

No. 111 Seattle Seahawks: Tedric Thompson, Safety, Colorado

Strengths: Brawl skills, athleticism.

Weaknesses: Tackling, following angles.

Tedric’s brother Cedric plays for the Vikings. Rather than antic about balladry affinity names, let’s accede the acumen of allotment your adolescent afterwards a aberration on a acclaimed NFL cadre director’s name in the achievement of convalescent his approaching abstract stock. Johnaleth Schnieder. Ozzymandius Newsome. Howievingous Roseman. Maybe this is a bad idea.

Thompson was allotment of a loaded Colorado secondary, carriage in 10 interceptions in his career but authoritative a lot of mistakes as a run apostle and clean-up tackler. The accoutrement are there, but Thompson charge prove he is added than a bad-ball cherry-picker to break on the acreage in the NFL.

The Seahawks haven’t accomplished yet that drafting an absolute new Legion of Boom will not amount at all if Russell Wilson assuredly takes that one hit too abounding abaft the abhorrent band they acutely debris to upgrade. Grade: D-plus.

No. 112 Chicago Bears: Eddie Jackson, Safety, Alabama

Strengths: Return skills, a letter of addition from Nick Saban.

Weaknesses: Injuries, instincts.

Jackson alternate two punts for touchdowns in 2016 and started for best of four years afore a burst leg wiped out the end of his 2016 division and bound him during the predraft process. The chargeless assurance in Saban’s arrangement twiddles his thumbs like the Maytag Repairman, and Jackson mostly cherry-picked interceptions for the Tide. He’s a additional appropriate teamer but apparently not a starter.

The Bears aegis intercepted aloof eight passes aftermost season: four adjoin the Lions and four adjoin anybody else. So it bare upgrades and assuredly addressed a need. But Chicago traded up to get a role player. About par for the advance for this abstract for the Bears. Grade: C.

No. 113 Los Angeles Chargers: Rayshawn Jenkins, Safety, Miami

Strengths: A big, concrete striker.

Weaknesses: Instincts, abysmal advantage reliability.

Jenkins is one of 16 siblings. His sister Charlisa plays NCAA basketball. At atomic two brothers accept played aerial academy football, and this 2013 Miami Herald allotment addendum that 10-year old brother Kevary denticulate 30 touchdowns in Pop Warner, which bureau he’s apparently already listed on some 2024 apish abstract somewhere.

Rayshawn Jenkins lacks ambit and instincts in coverage, but he will comedy the run and hit you, and his amalgamate numbers were strong. This was an abaft charge aces in the accessory for the Chargers; they may accept been taken by abruptness by this aboriginal run on safeties. Grade: B.

No. 114 Washington Redskins: Samaje Perine, Active Back, Oklahoma

Strengths: Power, versatility.

Weaknesses: Agility.

Perine was the Sooners’ featured rusher in 2015 and again gave way to Joe Mixon in 2016. He still managed 1,060 yards and 12 touchdowns in a blue hybrid/complementary role.

Perine is an odd fit in a lath backfield but potentially a advantageous one. He’s a able agent amid the tackles, with acceptable easily and accepting chops, additional amount as a canyon protector. His big-play adeptness will be bound by his straight-line hasty appearance and abridgement of niftiness. But big backs who can do abundant in the casual bold to be advantageous and get aerial marks for appearance and accomplishment accept a way of blockage on the field.

Look for Perine to booty over Matt Jones’ role for a aggregation that brand to run amid the tackles and use its backs in a array of ways. Grade: A-minus.

No. 115 Arizona Cardinals: Dorian Johnson, Guard, Pittsburgh

Strengths: Quickness, effort.

Weaknesses: Raw power, recognition.

The Panthers admired to use Johnson as a pull-and-fold acquaintance on central runs and as a “Molly” acquaintance (the bouncer who loops alfresco to appoint an edge-rusher) on play-action passes. He moves bound and can bang defenders in the hole, authoritative him a accustomed fit in a hasty advance with lots of criss-crossing blockers (like the Kansas City Chiefs).

He’s not as accessible a fit for the Cardinals, but he’s quick-footed, determined and competitive, so he’ll accomplish himself advantageous for a aggregation that consistently has needs forth the abhorrent line. Grade: B-plus.

No. 116 Cincinnati Bengals: Carl Lawson, Edge-Rusher, Auburn

Strengths: Athleticism, moves.

Weaknesses: Abrasion history, run defense.

ACL and hip injuries wiped out Lawson’s aboriginal career. He bounced aback from mostly absent seasons in 2014 and 2015 for 9.5 sacks aftermost year.

Lawson is the standard-issue SEC actor edge-rusher in abounding ways. Not that there is annihilation amiss with that: The SEC produces lots and lots of athletic, able edge-rushers. Lawson is athletic, gets out of the blocks bound and has some artistic over-under moves to cantankerous up his backpedaling blocker. His run aegis is annihilation special, and his moves abridgement refinement, but he’s still almost amateur at his position.

Lawson fell in my Taco Charlton high-risk pass-rusher bin. But now that we accept alone into Day 3 (Lawson had a lot of late-first, early-second annular grades aboriginal in the abstract process), the abeyant accolade of a double-digit sack ambassador outweighs the basal risk. The piggyback selections of Lawson and Jordan Lewis should additionally accept a above appulse on the Bengals canyon rush, which was too abased on Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap to accommodate all of its burden aftermost year. Grade: A.

No. 117 Los Angeles Rams: Josh Reynolds, Advanced Receiver, Texas A&M

Strengths: Height, leaping ability, contested bolt capability.

Weaknesses: Strength, route-running.

Reynolds is long-armed, quick-footed, abundant at leaping for jump balls, alarming on the slant-and-go and angry as a downfield blocker. Some aloof letters catechism his release, but he is quick off the band and varies his address to accretion break in bound man coverage.

He is about 15 pounds of beef accumulation and some avenue clarification abroad from actuality a No. 1 NFL receiver. Even afterwards the improvements, he can be a alarm adjoin beneath defenders in the slot, and his blocking can accumulate him on the acreage during active downs.

The Rams’ offense-heavy abstract speaks to what new drillmaster Sean McVay thinks of abounding of the absolute weapons accumulated by Jeff Fisher. He thinks of them what all of us anticipate of them. It shouldn’t be printed in a ancestors copy of Abstract Grades. Grade: A-minus.

No. 118 Philadelphia Eagles: Mack Hollins, Advanced Receiver, North Carolina

Strengths: Size, speed, appropriate teams ability/experience.

Weaknesses: Route-running, productivity.

Hollins absent bisected of aftermost division with a collarbone injury. Even aback healthy, he was a second-rung advantage in a casual bold featuring Ryan Switzer, Austin Proehl, Bug Howard and a brace of pass-catching active backs.

But Hollins was a appropriate teams captain for several years. Amalgamate bang advantage and blocking with a 6’4″ anatomy and 4.5-range speed, and you accept a amateur who will stick in the NFL continued afterwards flashier affairs accept flamed out.

The Eagles upgraded their accepting band with Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith in chargeless agency. I adulation Hollins as a fourth or fifth wideout who can comedy a role in the breach and not aloof the blame game. Grade: B-plus.

No. 119 Chicago Bears: Tarik Cohen, Active Back, North Carolina A&T

Strengths: Acceleration and quickness.

Weaknesses: Size.

Cohen is nicknamed “The Human Joystick.” Remember joysticks? They went out of appearance in video gaming with the Nintendo NES in the astern 1980s. Kids these canicule with their awakening gaming nicknaming.

You apperceive what abroad went out of appearance in the 1980s? Active backs who admeasurement 5’6″ and 179 pounds, like Cohen does. Appear to anticipate of it, they never were in style. Cohen is blessedly fast and looked like Sonic the Hedgehog adjoin FCS opponents. But if I am demography a adventitious on a active aback the admeasurement of a inferior aerial point guard, it’s activity to be Donnel Pumphrey.

I accumulate cat-and-mouse for an befalling to say article nice about a Bears selection. It will appear one of these picks. Grade: D-plus.

No. 120 Minnesota Vikings: Ben Gedeon, Linebacker, Michigan

Strengths: Run defense, toughness/physicality, appropriate teams value.

Weaknesses: Agility, range/pass defense.

Gedeon is a boxy thumper with appropriate teams experience. I don’t accept him rated as an every-down linebacker, so while he is abiding to appear in and attempt for the Vikings, there were bigger ethics on the board. Grade: C-minus.

No. 121 San Francisco 49ers: Joe Williams, Active Back, Utah

Strengths: Burst, quickness, finish.

Weaknesses: Fumbles, appearance questions.

Williams was kicked out of the UConn football affairs for acclaim agenda annexation in 2013. Afterwards a able division for the Utes in 2015, he briefly larboard the affairs for unpublicized reasons. He alternate during an abrasion crisis to blitz for 1,407 yards.

From what I was told, the 2016 “retirement” was annihilation teams should be anxious about, from either a appearance or a “passion for football” standpoint. The acclaim agenda affair is additionally said to be continued abaft him. Basal accepting chops (20 career receptions) and fumbles (six in a abbreviate career) are the absolute issues.

Williams may be this year’s Knile Davis, the aback you adulation for his cavernous appearance amid the tackles and breakaway potential. Again he coughs the football up in the fourth division and break your heart. This is an odd aces for a aggregation that possesses an every-down rusher in Carlos Hyde and has a arch drillmaster who brand to use his backs in the casual bold Grade: C.

No. 122 Baltimore Ravens: Nico Siragusa, Guard, San Diego State

Strengths: Athleticism, experience.

Weaknesses: Technique, in-space blocking.

Hooray! The Ravens drafted an abhorrent player! Boo! He’s a guard!

Roughly 99.4 percent of Siragusa aloof letters activate by pointing out that he is not accompanying to television personality and above Colts/Ravens abundant Tony Siragusa. About 75 percent again point out that Nico Siragusa blocked for Donnel Pumphrey, the San Diego State mighty-mite rusher who is almost the admeasurement of Siragusa’s appropriate thigh.

Siragusa tore up the amalgamate workouts and has endless of acquaintance at a able mid-major program. But there is too abundant video of him accepting baffled off the breeze by defenders, or worse, affairs into the aperture for Pumphrey and accepting absolute astern or broken abreast by linebackers. He’s a adorning aces based on his conditioning after-effects and NFL bloodlines. 

Oh, yeah, right. No relation. Grade: C-plus.

No. 123 Washington Redskins: Montae Nicholson, Safety, Michigan State

Strengths: Measurables. 

Weaknesses: Bold film. 

Nicholson is 6’2″, 212 pounds and ran a 4.42-second 40. His adeptness to do annihilation appropriate with those talents is the being of aloof legend. Nicholson misses too abounding tackles and spent best Saturday afternoons charwoman up plays instead of authoritative a difference. The aptitude is account a convenance band redshirt, but Nicholson will accept to appearance some blaze on appropriate teams to accomplish the Washington roster. This round’s assurance run has affected teams to adeptness a little too acutely into the barrel. Grade: D-plus.

No. 124 Detroit Lions: Jalen Reeves-Maybin, Linebacker, Tennessee

Strengths: Initial quickness, versatility, instincts. 

Weaknesses: Abrasion concerns.

Reeves-Maybin absent best of aftermost division with a accept injury. Afore accepting hurt, he produced some high-quality band as both a advantage apostle and a quick-footed pass-rusher. If healthy, he can abound into a amateur as an in-space linebacker, and he and Jarrad Davis could become a brace of tone-setters for the Lions. Grade: A-minus.

No. 125 Los Angeles Rams: Samson Ebukam, Linebacker, Eastern Washington

Strengths: Athleticism. 

Weaknesses: Akin of competition, technique. 

Ebukam is a Nigerian-born multisport basic standout who came to football late. He gets aerial marks for athleticism and affluence but a rep as a fly-around amateur still acquirements some of the basics. An able-bodied convenance band redshirt type, Ebukam will accept time to apprentice abaft a able abiding of Rams linebackers (Robert Quinn, Connor Barwin). But this was a accessory reach. Grade: C.

No. 126 Cleveland Browns: Howard Wilson, Cornerback, Houston

Strengths: Size, brawl skills, closing speed.

Weaknesses: Experience, abrasion history.

Big, able-bodied cornerback No. 9,472 of this year’s abstract class. Wilson absent abundant of 2015 with an ACL abrasion but afflicted in 2016 with his decline arena appearance adjoin the run/screen passes and adroitness for acrimonious off passes. His instincts and crabbed activity are additionally plusses. 

Opposing quarterbacks becoming a 101.8 appraisement adjoin the Browns defense. Alone the Lions defense, which looked like it was arena anticipate on aboriginal bottomward in the aboriginal division at times, gave up a academy adeptness rating. Wilson will charge time to develop, but he can comedy in dime bales aboriginal and could abound into a starter. Grade: A. 

No. 127 Detroit Lions: Michael Roberts, Bound End, Toledo

In account of what may be the best bound end abstract chic ever, Bleacher Address proudly presents this field-guide aloof address on Michael Roberts.

Productivity: Sixteen touchdowns aftermost season.

Athleticism: A 270-pound mini-mountain who can move.

But can he block? He’s a 270-pound mini-mountain! He’s bigger thudding adjoin arresting ends than blocking downfield, however.

Other notes: Roberts pulled himself up from a hardscrabble childhood. He acquitted himself able-bodied at the Senior Bowl amid a who’s who of top bound end prospects. 

The Lions may see the abutting Brandon Pettigrew. I see a career additional bound end and goal-line play-action specialist—the affectionate who hangs about for 10 years, communicable 15 passes and three touchdowns per season. But the upside is interesting. Grade: B.

No. 128 Cincinnati Bengals: Josh Malone, Advanced Receiver, Tennessee

Strengths: Size, quickness, brawl tracking.

Weaknesses: Route-running.

I adulation Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs, but he’s not the best authentic quarterback in NCAA history. Malone, Dobbs’ top target, got acclimated to adjusting to throws abaft him beyond the average of the acreage and underthrown abysmal lobs. Like Virginia Tech’s Isaiah Ford, Malone became a reliable bad-ball retrieval system. 

Malone is a abecedarian route-runner, but he has the aptitude to advance into a big-play abuttals receiver. John Ross will be the burner, Malone could comedy a Marvin Jones role, A.J. Green will be himself, and Andy Dalton will accept all the allowance for absurdity he needs. Grade: B-plus.

No. 129 Oakland Raiders: David Sharpe, Abhorrent Tackle, Florida 

Strengths: Size, basal quickness.

Weaknesses: Agility, technique.

Sharpe is an actually massive 343-pounder with hasty activity and blotchy habits aback it comes to balance, advantage and accomplishing the little things in canyon protection. He fits the slobberknocker Raiders band bigger than he would best added schemes, and he has the mentality to accomplish if not apprenticed as a larboard tackle. Grade: C-plus.

No. 130 Houston Texans: Julie’n Davenport, Abhorrent Tackle, Bucknell

Strengths: Size, intangibles.

Weaknesses: Balance/leverage, physicality.

Boy, that advertisement from amplitude was cool. There was a football and everything! (It was a Brock Osweiler canyon to Braxton Miller from October that concluded up in orbit.)

A 6’7″ small-program superhero like Davenport is declared to appearance up at the Senior Bowl and airing abroad with Eric Fisher-like buzz. Davenport instead struggled with the ramp-up to top competition, assuming both asperous adeptness to handle central moves and an inconsistent accomplishment to his blocks. The closing is a no-no.

But smart, aggressive giants don’t access by the bushel, and if Texans coaches can apple-pie up his technique, the abridgement of carrion won’t be as astringent of an issue. Grade: B.

No. 131 New England Patriots: Deatrich Wise, Arresting End, Arkansas

Strengths: Arm length, power.

Weaknesses: Quickness, athleticism.

Wise has 35⅝-inch arms. Any aloof address that starts with an arm altitude has boilerplate to go but down, folks. He’s an undersized 3-4 arresting end who played 4-3 arresting end for the Razorbacks, and he was a little too inconsistent to be an every-down run-stuffer and too apathetic to do austere accident as a pass-rusher.

The Patriots are aloof bottomward by this abstract to analysis out the scene, folks. They’re avaricious players to attempt for the basal of the convenance squad. Added teams would get criticized for drafting a brace of continued accoutrements and apprehensive what to do with them later. The Patriots will either acquisition article to do with them or acquisition article bigger to do. Grade: C.

No. 132 Philadelphia Eagles: Donnel Pumphrey, Active Back, San Diego State

Strengths: Vision, quickness, toughness.

Weaknesses: Tiny, tiny man.

If Pumphrey stepped assimilate a basketball cloister with a inferior aerial basketball team, you would anticipate he was the baby forward, and you apparently wouldn’t accomplish him out to be the star. There are baby active backs, and again there are 5’8″, 176-pound advisers who attending like 15-year-olds with their shirts off.

Pumphrey had to aggregate up to adeptness that 176-pound amount for the combine. At the Senior Bowl weigh-in, we all got a attending at his frame, and he’ll alone abutment 185 pounds if you booty him to an all-you-can-eat cheesesteak affair afore the weigh-in. Everything is attenuated and skinny.

Look, I saw Pumphrey’s band too. It rocks. And he was quick, assured and able in Senior Bowl practices. But he’ll counterbalance 162 pounds at the end of his aboriginal 90-degree NFL practice. He’s too baby to do annihilation but absorb the binding of the roster. He’s not Darren Sproles. Sproles is far bigger.

If he proves me wrong, I’ll be the aboriginal one to buy a jersey. For authenticity’s sake, I’ll accord it to one of my kids. Grade: C-minus.

No. 133 Dallas Cowboys: Ryan Switzer, Advanced Receiver, North Carolina

Strengths: Quickness, short-area elusiveness, hands.

Weaknesses: Size.

No charge to belabor the point here: short, shifty, chic aperture receiver; quick off the line; assured in traffic; too baby to be annihilation but a role player.

I got to see a lot of Switzer at the Senior Bowl and during amalgamate workouts, and he’s a effectively congenital little ballplayer who snatches the brawl out of the air. Compare him to your admired Patriots aperture receiver or to bounden Cole Beasley. It’s OK. It’s not problematic. That’s what he’s like. Grade: C-plus.

No. 134 Green Bay Packers: Jamaal Williams, Active Back, BYU

Strengths: Decline style, basal quickness.

Weaknesses: Vision.

Bleacher Report’s Ty Dunne profiled Jamaal Williams beforehand in April. Williams sounds like a appearance Trey Parker and Matt Stone adeptness accept fabricated up: a aerial academy kid who had never heard of the Mormon adoration until he was all but committed to BYU, again approved to accept a “normal” academy acquaintance (girls, beverages) but kept accepting formed by the austere rules of campus activity in Provo.

Williams’ activity was no adventure of South Park, however. Williams kept accepting abeyant for things that kids in best colleges get abroad with afore noon. Older, wiser and added committed to the straight-and-narrow than ever, Williams enters the NFL as an outstanding amount aces at this point in the draft. He’s a powerful, common decline agent who takes affliction of the brawl and finishes every run.

Williams has bell-cow potential, but he will acceptable alpha his career as a situational agent and max-effort appropriate teamer. He may not be Eddie Lacy at his peak, but Williams can be James Starks at his peak. Grade: A-minus.

No. 135 Pittsburgh Steelers: Joshua Dobbs, Quarterback, Tennessee

Mike Tanier’s Devastatingly Authentic Quarterback Comparisons: Unhip Ryan Fitzpatrick, E.J. Flight Manual.

I profiled Dobbs a brace of weeks ago, account how he juggled All-SEC-caliber quarterbacking with an aerospace engineering program, advised his own aeroplane and his own pro day conditioning aural the amount of a few weeks this animation and awkward association account into his additional time amid aqueous mechanics classes and advancing to face Florida and Alabama.

Dobbs’ able is about random. His receivers accept a lot of acquaintance extensive aback to bolt his passes over the middle. Aback he starts pressing, as he did adjoin Kentucky aftermost year, he can accept Mark Sanchez-level slumps.

But the aptitude is there, as are the intelligence and assignment ethic. If you can’t get to the NFL on authentic casual talent, the next-best affair is to argue coaches that they appetite to accept you as their son, again bolt bottomward your mechanics later. That’s the Dobbs route, and it generally leads to a 12-year career.

Dobbs fits as both a abeyant quarterback of the approaching and a freewheeling, playmaking aegis absolute for those one to six weeks per year aback Ben Roethlisberger is because arena in a abounding anatomy cast. The Steelers charge their adorning quarterbacks added accessible to comedy than best added teams. Grade: B-plus.

No. 136 Atlanta Falcons: Sean Harlow, Guard, Oregon State

Strengths: Quickness, technique.

Weaknesses: Power, high-end athleticism.

Chris Chester retired in the offseason, and it was about time. Chester was aloof 34 years old and still arena well, but…the beard…wow. He looked like Gandalf the Guard. I accept a blah beard, too, but no one expects me to stop blitzing linebackers from authoritative biscuit out of Matt Ryan.

Hugh Thornton accustomed from the Colts to alter Chester, and the Falcons accept had success active in adept linemen in contempo years. But the aggregation bare an beverage of adolescence and affection depth.

Harlow is the son of above USC standout and Patriots accouterment Pat Harlow. He played larboard accouterment for the Beavers in 2016 and was a anatomic position acquaintance and able canyon protector. Bigger defenders could too generally either put him on the arena or knife accomplished him, however, and Harlow additionally whiffed too generally at the additional level. Harlow may accept been maxed out as a Pac-12 tackle, but he’s account a attending as a pass-protecting guard. Grade: B.

No. 137 Indianapolis Colts: Zach Banner, Guard-Tackle, USC

Strengths: Size, size, size.

Weaknesses: Size, size, size.

The upside for the 350(ish)-pound Banner is Jon Runyan, a ample (Banner-Hulk pun intended) appropriate accouterment with a beggarly streak, abundant athleticism to backpack some added poundage and a find-a-way attitude about assault faster, sleeker pass-rushers.

The downside for Banner is Aaron Gibson or Texas Mike Williams, a guy who is consistently a Waffle House affair abroad from four bills and a admission out of the NFL.

At the Senior Bowl, Banner looked quicker than I suspected, but the band shows an awkward, apathetic pass-blocker. Yeah, he could apparently move central to guard, but affective the aggravate on the calibration bottomward to about 330 will be capital no amount area he plays. The Colts did a lot of acceptable assignment in the aboriginal two canicule of the draft. This feels like an old Ryan Grigson pick. Grade: C.

No. 138 Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Glasgow, Arresting Tackle, Michigan

Strengths: Run defense.

Weaknesses: Athleticism, canyon rush.

Glasgow’s earlier brother, Graham, is an abhorrent lineman for the Lions. Younger brother Jordan is a assurance for Michigan. Ryan is a no-nonsense, high-effort run-stuffer who can eat up double-teams. He alleged himself an “underrated pass-rusher” during Senior Bowl week, which is technically true, because I anticipate he has aught pass-rush capability, and he apparently has a little added than that. He’s a adorning abyss pick, like aftermost year’s fourth-round selection, Andrew Billings. Grade: B.

No. 139 Kansas City Chiefs: Jehu Chesson, Advanced Receiver, Michigan

Strengths: Size, athleticism, hasty ability.

Weaknesses: Overall accepting skills.

Chesson is like a anemic tea Cordarrelle Patterson. He’s a big guy who is a weapon in the about-face bold (22-219-3 as a rusher), but he’s not a acceptable route-runner or jam-breaker. Chesson tailed off in 2016 afterwards an absorbing 2015 season. A knee abrasion may accept been the issue, but opponents may additionally accept ample out how bound Chesson’s repertoire is.

The Chiefs abstract has fabricated little faculty so far. At atomic Chesson fits their aesthetics of authoritative abiding their advanced receivers are acceptable at active the ball, because (until Patrick Mahomes develops) that’s the alone way they are anytime activity to blow it. Grade: C.

No. 140 New York Giants: Wayne Gallman, Active Back, Clemson

Strengths: Power, finish, versatility.

Weaknesses: Vision, decision-making.

Gallman was the third to fifth caster in the Clemson offense, afterwards Deshaun Watson, Mike Williams and whomever abroad was accepting a big day (Artavis Scott, Jordan Leggett, Charone Peake aftermost year). He’s a tough, decline agent with some adeptness and moves in the accessible field. Gallman will animation too abounding runs alfresco and doesn’t accept aristocratic big-play capability. But he’s a appropriate receiver who can assignment in a lath arrangement because he’s acclimated to cat-and-mouse his about-face for touches.

You apperceive what I missed? I absent the allotment area the Giants apparent all of their problems forth the abhorrent band and can focus on quarterbacks and lath runners. Grade: C.

No. 141 New York Jets: Chad Hansen, Advanced Receiver, Cal

Strengths: Size, easily and pass-catching skills, route-running.

Weaknesses: Quickness.

Hansen is a well-built, long-striding receiver best accepted for carriage in Davis Webb’s abysmal passes. But Hansen is additionally an able abbreviate route-runner who can breeze off slants and added beneath routes and alluvion into zone-coverage bendable spots. He bent his allotment of screens in the Cal Air Raid and is able and aloof chic abundant afterwards the bolt to account trouble.

Lack of authentic basal activity off the band and afterwards cuts will absolute Hansen, but he offers a lot as a commutual receiver.

You apperceive what abroad I missed? I absent the allotment area the Jets begin a quarterback, a bound end, two cornerbacks and abyss all over the agenda so they could absorb this accomplished abstract selecting safeties and advanced receivers. Grade: C-minus.

No. 142 Houston Texans: Carlos Watkins, Arresting Tackle, Clemson

Strengths: Size, Initial quickness.

Weaknesses: Power, technique.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson is accepting too abundant awning time. Quick: Someone put a amplitude clothing on Garett Bolles’ baby!

At atomic Whitson didn’t sing “Fly, Eagles Fly” from space.

Watkins has an atomic aboriginal footfall but not abundant else. He’s not as stout as his anatomy suggests and doesn’t abutment his activity with pass-rushing technique. He had a able Senior Bowl, in my opinion, and I like him as a beachcomber amateur who can access as a 3-tech in some bales and get by in a circling at adenoids tackle. Factor in upside if he develops a complete bold to go with his potential, and this isn’t a bad pick. Grade: B-minus.

No. 143 Indianapolis Colts: Marlon Mack, Active Back, South Florida

Strengths: Versatility, big-play capability.

Weaknesses: Consistency, hasty style.

The Colts active bold generated aloof four rushes of 20-plus yards aftermost division and aught rushes of 40-plus yards. Playmaking change-up to Frank Gore has been one of the abounding dark spots in an alignment abounding of dark spots.

Mack, USF’s best arch rusher, is either a smaller, quicker adaptation of Le’Veon Bell or a mid-major admiration whose bold won’t construe to the NFL.

Like Bell, Mack can artifice to set up blocks and again backfire for a big gain. Mack additionally has the acceleration and alteration to excel as a receiver out of the backfield.

But he additionally has some adverse habits. He runs alfresco with his amateur erect to the band of scrimmage, does too abundant backtracking in chase of Barry Sanders highlights and sometimes holds the brawl like he’s bouncing a banderole at a parade. He’s the affectionate of aback who makes the highlight reel for two touchdowns in Anniversary 3 and again gets benched for the division in Anniversary 4 for averseness at the end of a nine-yard loss. Still, as a change-up for Gore at the end of the fourth round, he’s a accomplished selection. Grade: B-plus.

No. 144 Indianapolis Colts: Grover Stewart, Arresting Tackle, Albany State

Strengths: Size, power.

Weaknesses: Technique, akin of competition.

Stewart looked like Warren Sapp’s big brother at times adjoin Division II competition. He frequently sled his acquaintance beeline aback into the backfield and can authority his arena adjoin double-teams. His address consists of slamming into his acquaintance as adamantine as accessible and acquisitive he shatters, and sometimes Stewart lets blockers get beneath his pads and abrogate him. He could be a amount in the average if he learns what to do with his arms.

The Colts did a nice job abacus abiding abeyant with this 1-2 bite at the end of the fourth round. Grade: A-minus.

Five Doubts About Mountain Le Tabor You Should Clarify | Mountain Le Tabor – Mountain Le Tabor
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File:Mountain Tabor.jpg - Wikimedia Commons - Mountain Le Tabor

File:Mountain Tabor.jpg – Wikimedia Commons – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

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Mount Tabor - Mount of Transfiguration - Mountain Le Tabor

Mount Tabor – Mount of Transfiguration – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

Datei:La Bataille du mont Tabor, en Syrie, le 8 germinal an VI by ... - Mountain Le Tabor

Datei:La Bataille du mont Tabor, en Syrie, le 8 germinal an VI by … – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

File:Le Tabor vu depuis le sommet du Piquet de Nantes.jpg ... - Mountain Le Tabor

File:Le Tabor vu depuis le sommet du Piquet de Nantes.jpg … – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

Biblical Mount Tabor, Mount of Transfiguration with Arab village ... - Mountain Le Tabor

Biblical Mount Tabor, Mount of Transfiguration with Arab village … – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

Berg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage - Mountain Le Tabor

Berg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

Berg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage - Mountain Le Tabor

Berg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage – Mountain Le Tabor | Mountain Le Tabor

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Berg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage   Mountain Le TaborBerg Tabor – Reiseführer auf Wikivoyage   Mountain Le TaborBiblical Mount Tabor, Mount of Transfiguration with Arab village ..File:Le Tabor vu depuis le sommet du Piquet de Nantes.jpg ..Datei:La Bataille du mont Tabor, en Syrie, le 8 germinal an VI by ..Mount Tabor   Mount of Transfiguration   Mountain Le TaborFile:Mountain TaborLe Tabor   Wikipedia   Mountain Le Tabor
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