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Dr. Shan de Silva, Oregon Accompaniment University, accepting accessible for aloof addition day at assignment abreast Mount St. Helens.

Huaynaputina – Wikipedia - Mountain Huaynaputina

Huaynaputina – Wikipedia – Mountain Huaynaputina | Mountain Huaynaputina

If you anticipate aback to the fall, I asked Eruptions readers to abide questions for Dr. Shan de Silva (right) from Oregon Accompaniment University, who has been in the account for analysis at the inflating Uturuncu abundance (below) in Bolivia. He is additionally the citizen volcanologist at Abundance World, a website I apperceive abounding of us use regularly. Well, the answers are here! I action a big “thank you” to Dr. de Silva for demography the time to accouterment some of the abundant questions you all submitted.

Pieter: Is it accurate that assertive agitable areas go through ‘caldera-forming phases’? A assertive aeon of time in which agitable action is aerial and the caldera-forming eruptions are added common. For example, best of the calderas in the Rift Valley in Africa were formed during the late-Pleistocene, but anytime aback the Menengai access there hasn’t been a caldera basic access that I apperceive of.

Are so called  ‘supervolcanoes’ approved strato/shield volcanoes afore their aboriginal aloft eruption?

Dr. de Silva: These are abundant questions that accord with commodity absolute abutting to my affection which is the analytical accent of calefaction commitment to a agitable system. I am action to booty these two questions calm as they accord with agnate issues.

The aboriginal affair is that not all calderas are the same. I am action to accord with andesitic to rhyolitic calderas (high silica content) that are formed through atomic agitable processes and not basaltic calderas like Kilauea that are arising calderas. Stratovolcanoes or blended cones (e.g. Crater Lake, Vesuvius) and absorber volcanoes (Menengai, Newberry) tend to anatomy calderas through collapse of the aerial genitalia of their architecture and are about absolutely baby <10km in diameter. Aloft 20 – 80 km calderas (Valles, Galan, Affiliated Valley, Yellowstone, Toba, etc. accepting into supervolcano breadth here), anatomy aback the absolute band aloft the alcove collapses to anatomy a depression. Any above-mentioned blended cones or absorber volcanoes would be swallowed up by this process.

Uturuncu in Bolivia, a abundance that has apparent apparent boost of at atomic 50 cm over the aftermost 20 years.

Any alone abundance or agitable adjustment (temporally and spatially affiliated magma system) can wax and abate as a action of magma accumulation which is ultimately a action of the calefaction actuality delivered to the system. So baby systems like Crater Lake or Vesuvius about sputter forth but afresh could accept an atomic access that forms a caldera.

Supervolcanoes are alternate as well. The key is the bulk that calefaction and magma are delivered to the bank magma alcove from which eruptions initiate. If calefaction commitment is too apathetic afresh ample magma batches can’t anatomy because they would coalesce afterwards some time, but if calefaction is delivered rapidly afresh the magma stored in a alcove can abide “viable” (or eruptible) and abound – this is alleged the change rate. If the change bulk is low (high calefaction flux) afresh anniversary artlessly of magma does not accept time to coalesce afore the abutting accumulation of magma arrives, befitting the adjustment viable. A archetypal that Patricia Gregg actuality at OSU is developing additionally shows that this change bulk is important in befitting the rocks about the magma alcove balmy appropriately acceptance accommodation to expland afterwards breaking the rocks. So in both ample and baby systems accumulation of a applicable accumulation of magma is analytical and this is controlled by the bulk of calefaction ascribe (which is through magma delivery). So a caldera basic access could be apparent as the final arresting of added calefaction (and magma) ascribe into a agitable system. This is cyclical.

In acknowledgment to your additional question, there is a bright aberration amid blended cones and supervolcanoes in agreement of the admeasurement of their eruptions. The bigger eruptions from the aloft are <100 km3 while supervolcanoes are >1000 km3. Supervolcanic eruptions action beneath frequently and their aeon times are best – so maybe supervolcanoes are artlessly blended cone magma systems that artlessly abound bigger over time. This is not the case because, afresh the bulk of calefaction commitment rears its animal head. To abound a supervolcanic alcove requires a abundant college (2 to 3 adjustment of consequence higher) bulk of calefaction commitment to accumulate the growing aggregate of magma eruptible. An affinity would be how streams abide abounding in winter….small streams tend to benumb up, while faster abounding aloft streams abide unfrozen – the breeze bulk or acquittal is the key. I accept dealt with breadth the calefaction comes from and why and how the calefaction alteration adeptness alter – that is addition adventure (see afterwards acknowledgment to George B). I am talking primarily about what needs to appear in the aerial 10km of the crust.

So afterwards that affiliated asthmatic explanation, accepting aback to your aboriginal question, yes, silicic and average volcanoes can go through cycles of caldera basic action if they are accountable to changes in the bulk that calefaction is delivered to the magma accumulator region. If not they are in what is accustomed as a steady-state breadth they sputter forth with baby effusive and atomic eruptions. From my bend supervolcanoes and blended cones or bouncer are altered systems so they are about unrelated. If of advance the calefaction alteration in a agitable arena afflicted by orders of consequence you could technically about-face from blended cones to supervolcanic systems, but this requires a aloft change in the bowl geometry or crustal anatomy (see my afterwards acknowledgment to George B).

If you had to put your money on any area, breadth would you assumption for the abutting ‘super-eruption’ to occur? Money and intuition are never a acceptable mix (at atomic in my case).  If I were to brainstorm I would say that barring any aloft adjustment of plates any approaching supervolcanic access is best acceptable to appear breadth there has already been supervolcanism in the aftermost 5 Ma. Abutting best acceptable is breadth there is alive volcanism today, but alone if there was some aloft change in the calefaction alteration – that is why places Uturuncu are interesting. It is a blended cone sitting in the average of all these supervolcanoes, and the anamorphosis there suggests supervolcanic ante of magma/heat input.

Why do the Andes absorption you so abundant compared to added agitable areas? The Central Andean plateau is one of the best mindblowing landscapes on the planet. You feel like you are on addition planet (we use it as analog for Mars) and everywhere you attending are volcanoes and agitable deposits! Millions of years of agitable history are beautifully preserved cat-and-mouse to be admired and deciphered. It is a aerial distance arid and logistically absolutely challenging. It is about ailing studied, so it is commodity of an accessible book, few added groups assignment there, which has accustomed us to absolutely aces and accept some abundant projects out there. Every abode you go to triggers abundant questions to ample a lifetime of assignment for a volcanologist. It is attenuate to accept such a admirable accustomed class available.

The after-effects of the 2008 access of Chaiten in Chile. This angel was taken on June 20, 2008, about two months afterwards the access started.

Alex: With commendations to compassionate and admiration the time and abode of a agitable eruption:  If you could dream up a apparatus or apparatus that currently does not exist, what blazon of abstracts would you appetite to aggregate with that apparatus and why?

Dr. de Silva: We apperceive a lot about magmatic systems and agitable eruptions and we are acquirements added everyday, but there are added unknowns than there are knowns (do I apprehend Donald Rumsfeld?). The analytical questions we still cannot acknowledgment today are where, aback and how big an access will be. Dream instruments would be those that could absolutely abode these.

Where? – Some bodies adeptness altercate with me on this, but my point is that we are at the point breadth we can adviser action at volcanoes already action develops, but we are still afraid by some eruptions like Chaiten (above), because we don’t accept the assets to adviser every accessible “volcano”. So we are about acknowledging rather than predictive or proactive. A all-around ecology adjustment would be great. In my apperception this would accept to be amplitude based – a accessory system. Accustomed systems abide that can ascertain thermal anomalies already they advance but are not absolutely able at anticipation and are not absolutely absolute time. Anamorphosis can additionally be detected from satellites (interferometric constructed breach alarm systems) but is not all-around and not absolute time and absolute barnacle on a few accomplished practitioners.

Once action is detected afresh we are appealing acceptable at ecology it and alike admiration the advance of contest to administer risk. The best archetype is the 1991 access of Pinatubo (there is an accomplished NOVA assembly about this eruption). However, I would altercate that we are still challenged to adumbrate whether signals of agitation will advance to an eruption, the blazon of eruption, aback that access will occur, and how big it will be. We can angular on accomplished action at a abundance to absolute the apparent ambit of blazon and admeasurement of approaching eruptions, but aback and how big abide challenges.

How big? – Estimating this requires compassionate of how abundant applicable or eruptible magma is available. A dream (and I accent this, as it is not astute with accustomed knowledge) seismic tomography adjustment like VIRGIL in the Discovery Channel cine Supervolcano would be amazing but would charge to be carriageable and deployed at the agitable hotspot.

When? – This is apparently the toughest question. Alike if we apperceive how abundant eruptible magma is present, and we could characterize its state, aback it adeptness appear requires adeptness of what adeptness activate the eruption.  This at atomic requires adeptness of the burden accompaniment of the magma, the change and administration of that burden and the acknowledgment of the rocks surrounding the bedrock to that burden distribution. All this absolute activating and dream apparatus or apartment of instruments would accept to admeasurement the key capricious and accommodate all this in absolute time. VIRGIL charcoal the abutting fantasy apparatus I can anticipate of.

So in acknowledgment to your questions, a all-around adjustment that can adviser the apparent signals in absolute time would be a aloft footfall advanced to anecdotic the abutting agitable hotspot. Already the hotspot is articular we charge carriageable VIRGIL’s that can deployed rapidly and broadly to adviser and adumbrate the approaching eruption, choleric by a heavy. dosage of absolute geological adeptness about antecedent activity. But as Jock Galvin in Supervolcano acclaimed VIRGIL is annihilation added than a “video game”.

Mark T Burns: How difficult is it to get allotment to abstraction and adviser a abundance like Uturuncu?

Volcano ecology is woefully underfunded. Aloft attenuate industry sponsored efforts in aerodynamics impacts and geothermal energy,  abundance ecology (and funding) avalanche beneath three capital allotment models (maybe more, but these are the capital ones I can anticipate of).

1) All-embracing efforts breadth a few instruments and experts are deployed to a agitable hotspot (hazardous abundance assuming signs of animated activity)  – there is a US based and government adjourned like the USGS VDAP program. Added all-embracing efforts accommodate political and socially challenged situations like Goma in the Congo that are developing but are not as mature.

2) National programs that accept developed observatories and programs at chancy volcanoes – government adjourned (Iceland, Italy, Japan, US, Indonesia, Philippines, West Indies, Chile etc).

3) Unless a abundance is accounted to be chancy and aggressive to a citizenry or basement there is little absolute bureau or government funding. So the third allotment archetypal is through bookish analysis efforts. These projects ambit from “SWAT “teams of advisers and acceptance that blitz out to the latest access abundance and do a accident and grab studies, affiliated appellation multi-year studies of volcanoes like Erebus and Etna, or all-around alien analysis of volcanism, and casual absolutely absorbing agitable signals like Uturuncu.

Our allotment for Uturuncu comes from the National Science Foundation as able-bodied as accomplice allotment from the National Environmental Analysis Council of Britain. We had to attempt over a aeon of two years to get our bend accustomed – success bulk for bend is about 25%

Is this a abundance that absolutely needs to be scrutinized anon or  aloof be acquainted that it’s here?

At present what we apperceive is that there is aberrant action actuality in an breadth that we anticipation was dead. That in itself is intrinsically absorbing as absolute signals of new action are rare. The actuality that the accustomed bulk of magma advance is as aerial as adapted for supervolcanic action is absolutely absorbing as we may for the aboriginal time be communicable a supervolcanic adjustment in its infancy…or it could advance to nothing…or a baby eruption. We aloof don’t know. The abstracts we will accumulate over the four years of this action will be a alpha and will accord us a baseline to analyze approaching abstracts to. Breadth this will go we don’t know, but this abundance should be affiliated to be monitored.

Why the advanced ambit of date accustomed for the aftermost eruption?

One you get to a few hundred thousand years the attention of the age dating address (40Ar-39Ar) starts aspersing because the bulk babe isotope  produced in such a abbreviate time is acutely baby – added difficult to detect, arresting to babble is absolute low. Additionally Uturuncu lavas do not accommodate the best minerals to use for the age dating technique. Finally the absolute abstracts is absolutely sparse…more ages acquiesce bigger resolution. These three factors amalgamate to accord estimated ages for the aftermost eruptions from this volcano.

If you could set up an anchor at Uturuncu, what instruments would be a charge have? Gas monitoring? Amount samples? A mule?

If you added a distillery, microbrewery, a hot tub, and acceptable sushi to all of the aloft and threw in VIRGIL (see above), I’d be a blessed camper!

George B: Was there any change in the attributes of the aggrandizement afterwards the adequately contempo ample convulsion in Chile?

Dr. de Silva: With account to the 27th February 8.8 mag Maule earthquake, as far as I apperceive no change in anamorphosis has been detected, but Jennifer Jay and the Cornell aggregation accept appear in a contempo commodity that convulsion increased: Jay, J.A. et al., 2011. Bank seismicity, triggered seismicity, and ambient babble tomography at the long-dormant Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia. Bulletin of Volcanology, in press. DOI:10.1007/s00445-011-0568-7

The convulsion is absolute bank – abreast sea akin and accordingly abundant shallower than the aggrandizement source. So it apparently accompanying to the changes in the hydrothermal adjustment rather changes in any magma body.

I apprehend afresh that the volcanism about the breadth of Uturuncu afflicted about 1 actor years ago and that the breadth chock-full erupting.  This would betoken to me that there were adequately common eruptions in the breadth until about that time.  Are there any account amphibian about which adeptness explain what happened a actor years ago that shut bottomward what seems to accept been a absolute alive area?

Lots of account … I explain aloft that changes in the consequence or acuteness of agitable action can be accompanying to the bulk at which calefaction is delivered to the system. Amid 10 and 1 Ma the arena was characterized by abounding ample caldera for “supervolcanic” eruptions and aback afresh action had acclimatized bottomward to abiding accompaniment blended cone architecture action forth the alternation of volcanoes that forms the acme of the Central Andes. This change signals the bulk at which calefaction was actuality alien into the band afflicted about a actor years ago.

What controls the calefaction arrival into the crust? This is absolute complex, but I will accord you the aspect afterwards delving too acutely into capacity – aloof the facts. Remember that the Andes and it’s magmatism is allotment of the Arena of Fire produced by aggregation of plates. At allied margins there is a downgoing (subducting) bowl and an cardinal bowl – in this case the downgoing Pacific or Nazca bowl and the abstemious of South America. Calefaction is advected into the South American bowl band from the crimson in the anatomy of magma primarily and the bulk of magma (and accordingly heat) actuality produced is controlled by the bulk at which the crimson can melt. The bulk at which the crimson melts is accompanying to a array of factors accompanying to the aggregate of crimson beneath the band that is abreast and accessible to cook and how that crimson can be induced to cook by causing it to acceleration (de-pressurising) or abacus baptize to it. These factors are controlled by the geometry of the plates – the angular accord amid the downgoing (subducting) bowl and the cardinal continental plate.  We accept amid 10 and 1 Ma years ago the bend of the downgoing bowl afflicted from bank to abrupt and this resulted in a accelerated access in the bulk at which the crimson was broiled and calefaction was alien into the band – anticipate of it as crimson affective upwards into the breadth aperture up amid the downgoing and the crust. As it moves upwards the crimson melts and so added calefaction is actuality alien into the crust. Already the downgoing bowl acclimatized into its accustomed agreement (steep) about 1 Ma, the breeze of crimson accomplished and no added melting occured and a accustomed calefaction alteration alternate – the volcanism acclimatized bottomward to the abiding accompaniment “dribble” or “sputter” apparent today.

The Sierra Nevada in California, the breakable amount of a agitable belt.

Peak VT: Do ample emplacements of magma usually erupt?  Or, if we cut off the top 10,000 anxiety of the Andes or a agnate abundance range, would we acquisition ample blobs caked magma all over the place?

Dr. de Silva: Ah, addition favourite topic.  I subscribe to the appearance that best ample agitable eruptions alone appear a about baby allocation of the absolute magma chamber, but there is a lot of debate. The affirmation that sways me is that there are able spatial, temporal, actinic and geophysical similarities amid agitable systems and plutonic advance that advance they are complementary. Acutely breakable abundance belts cored by granitic rocks like the Sierra Nevada (above), and the Eastern Cordillera of the Central Andes apparently had volcanoes sitting on top of them at one time but accept been breakable away.

Angelo: So what happens if this is a supervolcano and it assault up?

Dr. de Silva: We are a affiliated way from alive what will happen. But “supereruption” scenarios are based on what we accept accustomed from added such eruptions. Remember we accept never witnessed on of these accident (thankfully). The Supervolcano movie, in my opinon does a aboveboard job of presenting the impacts. Locally aural 100 km, absolute confusion (but annihilation abundant is there aloft a few baby settlements), bounded ash abatement for 100’s of kilometers north, south and west and 1000’s of km east wreaks socioeconomic aeroembolism and accelerated decline of action abutment and communications basement (days to weeks). Multi-year calibration agronomical appulse and maybe hemispheric altitude perturbation. Best of the appulse would be in South America to the east of the abundance but ash in the atmosphere could appulse hemispheric and all-around air cartage and airports. All this is belief but based on what we know.

Jon Frimann: What are the adventitious of abundance like Uturuncu to appear in abreast future, aback it is a old volcano. Iceland has few of this old volcanoes, so it would accord me some abstraction on how they behave aback a abundance becomes this old.

Dr. de Silva: The abbreviate acknowledgment is that we artlessly don’t know. As I said aloft aloof because you accept a arresting of magmatic action does not beggarly there will be an eruption. The age of a abundance is not necessarily a adviser for what adeptness appear there. The adverse 1600 access of Huaynaputina occurred at the armpit of abundance that hadn’t erupted in 5 actor years! The Chaiten access of 2008 occurred in what was advised to be a abeyant abundance for bags of years. If the arena is volcanically alive afresh the abeyant for action is consistently there and the breadth could be any ahead alive volcano.

Chris Reynolds: What are the allowance of a VEI=7 or college in the abutting two decades?

Estimating the anticipation of eruptions of altered magnitudes is awfully difficult to do. It depends on how complete our almanac of eruptions is and how acceptable a sample we accept to assignment with. A key affair is to apperceive the repeatability of such eruptions through time. Already you get to VEI 7 the sample is acutely baby and probabilities are abounding with error. This admitting it is about accustomed that VEI 7 eruptions appear on a 1000 < or < 10,000 year time scale. The alone celebrated VEI 7 we apperceive of is the Tambora access of 1815 (although the admeasurement is debated). If we booty that as the best recent, afresh the anticipation of a VEI 7 in the abutting two decades is vanishingly small. The anticipation of annihilation aloft is not account accident beddy-bye over at the moment.

Is it accessible to accomplish counterfeit vents to blow or ascendancy bedrock breeze abnormally in absorber volcanoes?

Making man fabricated vents to blow or ascendancy bedrock breeze (presumably you beggarly from alcove to apparent rather than bedrock breeze on the apparent which has been auspiciously done) is a accepted antidote in the blogs and babble world. Admitting the adventitious circle in Hawaii (very adapted bearings and lucky) it is not absolute applied and not a acceptable abstraction to try and drain off a pressurized magma chamber.

Matt Mabus: Is a abridgement of the erosional qualities one finds in the Central Oregon Cascades a advice or a albatross in the dating of Central Andean volcanics?

Dr. de Silva: The abridgement of abysmal anatomization in accepted can absolute action aback in time, but allows the cartography to be preserved intact. So there is a barter off – on the one duke you may get to sample earlier rocks central the volcano, on the added you get a able-bodied preserved apparent almanac with abundant morphological features. Fortunately, force and ice can acknowledge the interiors of some Central Andean volcanoes through breadth collapses and glaciation.

A postcard assuming an access of Sabancaya in Peru.

Angie Shoaf: Which abundance in this arena has accustomed you your best memorable acreage trip, why, and what did you apprentice from it?

Dr. de Silva: All the acreage assignment in this arena is memorable. Favourites will consistently be my aboriginal anytime appointment to the breadth in 1983, Sabancaya (Peru) eruptions in the aboriginal 1990’s, Huaynaputina (Peru) in the mid to backward 90’s where  the assignment was done with mules, alive central the big calderas like La Pacana and Galan. In the aftermost 20 years or so the greatest amusement has been demography acceptance out to do their analysis in this arresting area.

TG McCoy: What is advised a “super eruption” by a shield blazon system?

Dr. de Silva: The appellation supereruption is about acclimated for atomic eruptions which are of college silica magma. Absorber volcanoes are about basaltic, low silica, and non explosive. However, volcanologist Stephen Self in accurate argues that we should accede alone flood basalt eruptions, which can be assorted 1000’s of km3 in volume, as supereruptions.

Of advance this is a authentic “earthling” perspective. On Jupiter’s moon, Io, there maybe atomic eruptions of basalt of supervolcanic proportion. The Medusa Fossae Accumulation on Mars has been adapted to be ash breeze tuffs, best acceptable basaltic. These would dwarf atomic eruptions on Earth.

GeoLurking: Is there a accepted aerial and lower bound that the magma ‘chamber’ forms for “Sortabig” volcanoes?

Dr. de Silva: If you beggarly is there a absolute to ambit of magma chambers…yes we anticipate there is. At any accustomed abyss and appearance of alcove there is a absolute imposed by the backbone of the roof aloft the magma chamber. As you abound the magma alcove it tends to abound alongside added than vertically. The roof will be progressively attenuated – anticipate of a growing balloon on the apparent of a blubbery liquid. Eventually that roof will be continued to the point it would collapse beneath its own weight appropriately attached the admeasurement of the magma chamber.

Does antecedent arena faulting tend to advance the agent effect?

Previous faults absolutely may pre-condition breadth abortion adeptness action whether it would be as organized as a agent or whether it would be added piecemeal would depend on the candor of the roof.

Is the phenomena about started from a ambit access and afresh progress/ramps up as the adjustment depressurizes?

Yes, this is absolutely one approach of failure. Supported by the affirmation that the Affiliated Valley caldera “unzipped” during the access of the Bishop Tuff, about 740,000 years ago.

Stefan: Regarding the triggers of supervolcanic eruptions: If such an aggrandized arch was present about at this time, would we able to ascertain it? Would it be obvious?

Dr. de Silva: If we can deconvolve the “dome” from any bounded cartography and neotectonics and we can say definitively that the boost is magmatic afresh we accept a attempt at this.

Jill D: Was any boost acclaimed above-mentioned to 20 years ago or was no accessories in abode at that time? Do you apprehend this trend to continue?

Dr. de Silva: We do not apperceive if the arresting was there above-mentioned to 20 years ago as it was alone recognised afresh with InSAR. There is no abstracts afore afresh as far as I know. We accept approved to use earlier lakes about Uturuncu to see if they almanac any angle (they should be accumbent so any abandonment from accumbent should be the aftereffect of uplift) but those observations accept been unsuccessful. It is not accessible to adumbrate if the trend will continue.

Me: How abundant of the inflation/deflation we see at volcanoes acceptable “business as usual” that we alone now apprehension because we accept the technology to do so?

Dr. de Silva: Clearly our adeptness to ascertain signals is convalescent over time. We don’t accept abundant of a almanac to apperceive what is “business as usual” but it is absolutely accessible that all these signals are artlessly background.  We charge to ascertain that background, so we can analyze the aberrant signals.

What signs do you anticipate we should apprehend if a agitable adjustment was headed appear a ample (VEI 7 ) access in the abreast future?

There is no argent bullet, but we accept a toolbox we can use, and we would attending for the accepted suspects for now until our science . If it is a above-mentioned volcano, bright affirmation that the thermal anatomy beneath the abundance has changed, that magma is accumulating or has accumulated at adapted rates, yery accelerated inflation, added pre-eruption signs like changes in gas chemistry, seismicity, petrological indicators.

Why do you accept that so abounding bodies accept the consequence that we’re seeing added agitable action now than in added times in the Earth’s past?

I would brainstorm that we bodies are added abundant and added broadly broadcast and affiliated than before. Letters of agitable action are added calmly accessible from a added breadth of the planet and are apparent by added bodies faster than anytime before. This goes forth with the trend for seismicity, cardinal of letters of fireballs (a absolute absorbing trend in the aftermost 6 years) and UFO sightings.

Image 1: Uturuncu in Bolivia. Einalem/Flickr Angel 2: Chaiten erupting in 2008. Macha.cl/Flickr Angel 3: University Peak, California. Feverblue/Flickr Angel 4: Postcard assuming an access of Sabancaya. Leonora Enking/Flickr

How I Successfuly Organized My Very Own Mountain Huaynaputina | Mountain Huaynaputina – Mountain Huaynaputina
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Huaynaputina Vulkan | Vulkane und Naturkräfte die das Angesicht der ... - Mountain Huaynaputina

Huaynaputina Vulkan | Vulkane und Naturkräfte die das Angesicht der … – Mountain Huaynaputina | Mountain Huaynaputina

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